Some unique places to visit in the DMV (Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia)

[  ] National Bonsai Museum: a museum featuring beautiful bonsai trees. – Free Admission

[  ] Escape Quest: an interactive experience where you solve puzzles and uncover clues. Group Admission Rates – You cannot book more than 3 months in advance

[  ] National Aquarium: a look at marine life. – Group Admission Rates –

[  ] The Portrait Gallery: a gallery featuring portraits of American legends, peacemakers, celebrities, and more. See all the U.S. presidents in one place. – Free Admission

[  ] Washington Monument: An iconic structure with great views. Free Admission – Group Online Reservations

[  ] Natural History Museum: This Museum has an extensive collection of exhibits that narrate the story of the natural world and humanity’s role within it. – Free Admission

[  ] African American Museum: Emotional exhibits and thought-provoking artifacts. Free Admission – 30 Days Advance Online Reservation

[  ]  Air & Space Museum: Amazing discoveries and larger-than-life films. Free Admission – 30 Days Advance Online Reservation